Off-Season Training Program



  • Mindset : Join the Freeze Strava Group and start thinking about a winter routine. Try to find a buddy to do workouts with throughout the winter. We'll work on setting up a few activities and share the details in the coming weeks

  • Flexibility : Download the partner application from Play Store or Apple Store. After each cardio session, follow the "Post-Run Cool-Down" stretching routine. Prior to hard cardio days, include the dynamic stretching routine we do before practice. Prior to each strength training day, follow the warm-ups as instructed.

  • Cardio : This week will slightly increase the total distance using the 2 easy days, 1 long day, 1 workout pattern which will be repeated throughout the program. Refer below or the Running Program Part 1 - 5K for details and modify the distance for the week based on your fitness level.

  • Strength : Within the next week or 2, begin the Strength Training Program Part 1 - Stabilization. This is an 18 week strength training schedule created by Declan consisting of 2 upper body and 2 lower body workouts available per week. Weeks 1-4 stabilization exercises laid out below. For those unable to make the gym, continue to work through the daily "Full Body 7x4 Challenge" from the partner application downloaded from the Play Store or Apple Store

  • Agility : More to come in in the coming weeks but I've added a few videos highlighting vertical and horizontal French Contrast Training that will become more of an emphasis later in the off-season

  • Nutrition : Be smart, eat healthy, and drink water. See the below Freeze Fit Nutrition write-up from Friday

  • Footy : Recruit, 1000 touches, and I have shared some videos for indoor drills and form training.

Mental Wellness

  • Find a buddy to do some of the workouts with throughout the month

  • Training Haus at the Vikings training facility in Eagan, sessions will be Wednesdays at 7:00pm and Saturdays at 10:00am : Sign up by Jan 1st

  • Join the Freeze Strava Group


  • Do the dynamic stretching routine we do at practice as a warm up on the cardio workout days

  • Download the app : "Stretch Exercise - Flexibility" from Play Store or Apple Store.

    • After each run follow the 5 minute “Post-Run Cool Down”

    • This app offers many targeted 5-15 minutes stretching routines, so use it if you have other area you would like to work on


Please modify the distance for the days/weeks based on your fitness level



  • Download the "Home Workout - No Equipment" from the Play Store or Apple Store and start the Full Body 7x4 challenge.



Be smart, eat healthy, and drink water. I don’t have much to contribute here but something that should always be on your mind.

Eating adequate protein will help maximize the effectiveness of this overall program. A good suggestion would be eating anywhere from 1.0-1.4g of protein per kilogram of body weight. So if you weigh 180 lbs (81 kilos), you should try to consume 81-115 grams of protein per day.


The game we are playing at the end of the day :) here are some trailing resources to reference this off-season